Bài 2: Chia dạng đúng của động từ cho các câu dưới đây

    1. Peter _____ (already/ drive) his wife to the supermarket today.

    2. They _____ (already/work) project all day.

    3. I _____ (just/see) the new car font of the company

    4. I ____ (already/have) breakfast with a sandwich this morning.

    5. My father ____ (already/give) up smoking

    6. They ____ (just/leave) NewYork this week

    7. He ____ (bring) a number of paper from the rom

    8. Tom ____ (tell) me about it.

    9. He said that he (already, see)____ Mrs. Grand

    10. When he came to the theater, the film (already/ begin)____