Bài 4: Sắp xếp và hoàn thành các câu dưới đây

    1. haven’t/ yet/ spoken/ to Tom/ I

    2. done/ have/ housework/ I/ already/ the/before/ came/ my mom/home

    3. just/ have/ Tom/ I/ seen/out of/ the/ car/ get

    4. assignment/ the/ I/ haven’t/ yet/ prepared/for

    5. My mom/ come/ back/ just/ has/home

    6. a breakfast/ already/ Peter/ eaten/ has

    7. I /played/ just /have/ badminton/with/friends

    8. passed/ Anna/ yet/ hasn’t/ the mid-term

    9. she/ left/ has/ already/ for/the company

    10. have/ my parents/ eaten/the dinner/ just