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    Bài đọc học sinh giỏi tiếng Anh 6:

    Scientists believe that the smart home may be the home of the future. These homes may be of different shapes and sizes. They may also float on the water.

    Scientists have designed the eco houseboat - a kind of house floating on the sea. But the houseboat is stable and doesn't rock heavily when there are big waves. It makes use of waves and solar energy to move it around and provide power. It also has solar panels on the top of the house to generate electricity. And it can recycle all kinds of household waste. 

    A robot controls everything in the house and does the housework. In the kitchen, smart refrigerators and dishwashers can automatically work by themselves. A smart oven can cook your favourite dishes. All these things and other advances will make our life much better.

    1. The eco houseboat will be ……………

     A. in the air

     B. on the sea

     C. in the ocean

     D. on big waves
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     2. The word "stable" in the second paragraph is closest in meaning ……………

     A. comfortable

     B. not moving

     C. not sinking

     D. peaceful
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     3. What is special about the kitchen in the houseboat?

     A. Robot

     B. Special dishes

     C. Smart equipment

     D: Dishwashers
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    4. Which of the following is NOT true?

     A. Scientists have built the eco houseboat.

     B. The eco houseboat can make power

     C. The houseboat can recycle waste.

     D. Our life will be better 
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     5. What is the main idea of the passage?

     A. Life in the future

     B. Generating electricity in the future

     C. Shapes and sizes of houses

     D. A special kind of house
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