Bài luyện tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh lớp 7 unit 8

    1. _____ he had studied for hours, he still failed the test.

    2. She spoke English fluently, _____, she lacked confidence in public speaking.

    3. The weather was beautiful, _____, we decided to stay indoors.

    4. He was a talented musician, _____, he never pursued a career in music.

    5. She loves animals, _____, she is allergic to cats.

    6. The movie received great reviews, _____, it was a box office flop.

    7. _____ the traffic was heavy, we arrived at the airport on time.

    8. The meal was delicious, _____, it was a bit overpriced.

    9. He was exhausted from the long flight, _____, he couldn't sleep.

    10. She is a talented artist, _____, she has never sold any of her artwork.