Bài tập về câu ghép 1

    1. Compound sentences are made up of two (or more)___

    2. The instructor’s English is poor __ they all failed the exam.

    3. Evan is my brother; __, I am not responsible for what he says.

    4. Charlie must be driving back home; ___, he is not receiving your call.

    5. The due date for the final paper has passed; ___, I could not submit mine on time.

    6. The baby fell asleep __ the doorbell rang.

    7. The law does not permit drinking and driving anytime; ___, there would be many more accidents.

    8. He was severely injured; ___, he was near death by the time they reached him.

    9. Living in big cities is convenient; ___, the cost of living is high.

    10. They were unable to get the funding; ___, they had to abandon the project.

    11. I don’t mind what we do tonight. We could go bowling, __ we could see a movie.

    12. I called her many times ___ she didn’t answer the phone.

    13. He is old ___ he is active.

    14. Leave the house at once __ I will call the police.

    15. I have never been to France, ___ have I been to Australia.

    16. He’s got a really good job; ___, that’s what he says.

    17. Money is a good servant ___ a bad master.

    18. Eva was washing all the plates; ___, her husband cleaned the house.

    19. Everybody listens to him; ___, he is respected by everyone.

    20. He was getting late; ___, he patiently listened to the students.

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