Bài tập về các loại câu trong tiếng Anh 2

    1. A compound-complex sentence has at least three independent clauses.

    2. What do conjunctions do in a compound-complex sentence?

    3. Which is the dependent clause in this sentence? “When the sky is cloudy, I like to sit outside and sometimes I read a book.”

    4. We took a taxi home after the theatre.

    5. The policeman was not impressed by your alibi.

    6. As soon as I heard the news, I rushed straight to the police.

    7. Martin watches football on television, but he never goes to a game.

    8. If you give your details to our secretary, we will contact you when we have a vacancy.

    9. The girl looked at her brother and smiled.

    10. Susan went to the library to borrow some books.

    11. The water was so cold that we could not swim in it.

    12. As soon as the bell rang, the children rushed out.

    13. We saw a film which was based on the life of Nelson Mandela.

    14. His crude remarks offended me.

    15. Which is an exclamative sentence?

    16. Which of these sentence types often begins with the subject?

    17. Which type of sentence ends with a question mark?

    18. A sentence that’s used to give someone an order or a command is an ___ sentence.

    19. The function of a declarative sentence is to ___ someone about something.

    20. “Sit down and be quiet!” – What type of sentence is this?