Bài tập 5000 từ vựng IELTS thông dụng (3)

    Luyện tập: Điền từ phù hợp để hoàn thành các câu văn: fields, heritage, waterfall, vineyard, village

    1. The picturesque nestled among rolling hills is known for its charming cottages and friendly residents.
    2. The stretches across acres of land, producing exquisite wines from carefully nurtured grapevines.
    3. The hiking trail leads to a breathtaking , where visitors can enjoy the refreshing mist and natural beauty.
    4. The historic watermill, with its giant water wheel, stands as a testament to the region's industrial .
    5. The vast of golden wheat sway gently in the breeze, ready to be harvested for the season's bounty.