Bài tập admit

    Nối các ý sau để tạo thành câu hoàn chỉnh

    1. The manager admits

    2. I finally admitted 

    3. He has admitted 

    4. The examiner admits 

    5. My aunt was admitted  

    6. She admitted 

    7. The cinema admits 

    8. The patience admitted 

    a. of reference in the exam. 

    b. to the hospital last week because of heart disease. 

    c. of outside snacks.

    d. to my mom that I got a bad score in the exam. 

    e. that her child made his classmate cry.

    f. to her family that she has got cancer. 

    g. her to that important meeting. 

    h. that he forgot to turn off the lights last night.

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