Bài tập afraid đi với giới từ gì

    1. Jane's afraid ______ going out alone at night.

    2. My sister was afraid ______ go near the neighbor's dog because she was afraid of being bitten.

    3. She seemed too afraid ______ swim where there were such big waves.

    4. My parents are afraid ______ the safety of us if we are home alone.

    5. Anne was too afraid ______ jump in at the deep end of the pool.

    6. Is she afraid ______ spiders?

    7. Almost all small children are afraid ______ ghosts.

    8. Many students are really afraid ______ their future and don't know what to do.

    9. Do not try skydiving if you are afraid ______ flying.

    10. The path was so slippery. My grandmother was afraid ______ falling.

    11. Students are often afraid ______ examining.

    12. I was scared ______ walk in the dark alone.

    13. Don’t be afraid ______ do what you want.

    14. I didn't mention it because I was afraid _____ upsetting him.

    15. Don't be afraid ______ ask for someone's help if you need it.