Bài tập another, other và the other


    1. There are a few sweets left. But where are

    2. I don’t get this rule. Can you give me example

    3. You borrowed two books but returned only one. When will you return

    4. The first task of the test was rather difficult but tasks were quite easy.

    5. I don’t like the color of this bag. Can you show me bag?

    6. What domestic animals do you know besides cats and dogs?

    7. I see only two cups on the table? Where are ?

    8. Some people like to argue while always look for a compromise.

    9. I can see only one glove here. Where is ?

    10. I can’t cut anything with this knife. Give me knife, please.

    11. I have five roommates. One of them is American and are Spanish.

    12.  I know Jack, but who is   man next to him?

    13. I’m seeing girl.’ Does her boyfriend know?’

    14. Jack has six children. He puts the children to bed while watch TV shows.

    15. Laura and Min are listening to the radio. girls are out.

    16. She’s already had four cakes. ‘only four? Give her !

    17. I still need pencil.

    18. I don’t like those books. Could you show us some ?

    19. I’m looking for one of my pink shoes, but I can’t find