Bài tập by the time là gì


    1. I was invited to a birthday party, but I got there later than I intended. , most of the guests had left. (get to that party)

    2. I intended to catch a bus, but it took me to outlast than expected to get to the bus station. , my bus train had already left. (get to the station)

    3. I wanted to go to the cinema after finishing my homework. But I finished later than expected. , it was too late to go there. (finish)

    4. I saw a man who looked as if he were trying to steal a bag. I called the police but it took a while before they arrived. , the man had disappeared. (the police arrive)

    5. I climbed a mountain and it took me a very long time to get to the top. There was not much time to enjoy the beauty of the view. , I had to come down again. (get to the top)