Bài tập các loại đồ chơi trong tiếng Anh

    1. A type of aircraft that has no wings, has one or two sets of large blades that go round fast on top. It can land or take off vertically and can stay in 1 place in the air.

    2. A small vehicle that is traveling on water.

    3. A soft toy bear.

    4. You hold “it" to your lips and blow through to make a loud and high sound. “It" is…?

    5. A frame covered with plastic or cloth and joined to a long string, you can fly it in the air when the weather is windy.

    6. A toy or game in which you have to fit many separate pieces together.

    7. A small ball made of transparent or colored glass. Children usually use it to play games.

    8. A children's toy consists of a box with a person inside it that jumps out and gives you a surprise when you open the top of the box.

    9. A child's toy in the shape of a baby or small person.

    10. A game played by 2 people with a square board, in which each player has 16 pieces, they can move these pieces on the board in different ways.