Bài tập cấu trúc as as


    1. Tim is fifteen years old. Tracy is twenty-two years old.
    => Tim is as old as Tracy.

    2. Canada is big. Russia is bigger.
    => Canada isn't as big as Russia.

    3. I am very tired. Mindy is also very tired
    => I am as tired as Mindy.

    4. This dress is expensive. That dress is also expensive.
    => This dress isn't as expensive as that dress.

    5. I think horror movies are more interesting than action movies.
    => I think action movies aren’t as interesting as horror movies.

    6. Tracy is lazy, Ben is lazy too.
    => Tracy isn’t as lazy as Ben.

    7. England is warmer than Iceland.
    => England isn’t as cold as Iceland

    8. Carol and Mindy are both nine years old.
    => Carol is as old as Mindy.

    9. My mom is beautiful. My sister is also beautiful.
    => My mom is as beautiful as My sister.

    10. This apple pie was delicious. The apple pie that my mother used to make was also delicious.
    => This apple pie wasn't as delicious as the one my mother used to make.