Bài tập cấu trúc “neither nor” “either or” 2


    1. the US Czech are in Asia.

    2. Let’s meet on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    3. They weren’t at of the bookstores.

    4. Jane Daniel was at home.

    5. of these answers is correct. You need to try again.

    6. it will rain tonight, it won’t rain.

    7. The skirt was too large, nor too small.

    8. of these movies were interesting. They were both very boring.

    9. of my classmates could come to your birthday party. They were both busy.

    10. I don’t like of those three coffee shops.

    11. dogs cats are allowed in the restaurant.

    12. We can take a flight at two o’clock or four-thirty.

    13. Danang nor Ho Chi Minh city is the capital city of Vietnam.

    14. today or tomorrow is a good day to meet.

    15. I can’t find of my pens.