Bài tập Cấu trúc Recommend

    1. My friends/ recommend/ travel/ London/ train/ .

    2. He/ recommended/ an employee/ the secretary/ position/ .

    3. She/ recommended/ that/ amusement/ park/ my children/ .

    4. The dentist/ recommends/ tough food/ for a while/ .

    5. I/ recommend/ this signature cake/ should/ try/ .

    6. We/ highly/ recommend/ bring/ that suitcase/ for/ your/ next/ trip/ .

    7. His mother/ recommended/ me/ him/ .

    8. She/ recommended/ I/ go/ to/ the cinema/ and/ watch/ the new movie/ .

    9. My doctor/ recommended/ looking/ at/ a computer screen/ for/ too/ long/ .

    10. The manager/ recommended/ John/ his assistant/ .