Bài tập collocation với get


    Welcome to your Bài tập collocation với get

    1. Sorry I'm late. I got the impression on the way here.

    2. My sister gets angry with me for upsetting my mom.

    3. I didn’t have enough time to get a job before that party.

    4. If you get hungry, there is something to eat in the fridge.

    5. It’s tough because my mom always gets excited in the wintertime.

    6. I'm studying English speaking because I got a shock from my job last week. I need to improve my speaking skills.

    7. My sister got divorced when she was about 26.

    8. John's wife left him 2 years ago. He’s never really gotten off it.

    9. My brother got to married to Jenny in June of last year.

    10. I think you should join this club to get a chance to practise your English.