Bài tập collocation với get


    Bài tập collocation với get

    1. Jane just sits at home and watches TV all day. She has no friends and nothing to do. She really needs to _____ . get a life

    2. Henry left me three years ago. I've never really _____ .

    3. We're never going to finish homework on time - we really need to ______ .

    4. Over two hours had passed by the time we ______ the plane. There were some problems with the doors.

    5. I'm starting to ________ about my summer holiday. It is in a week's time.

    6. I'm trying to achieve a higher score in the final exam but I seem to be _____. It is always the same score.

    7. Jane has to ______ if she wants to leave the exam room.

    8. I ______ when I saw my score. I thought I'd get 7 but I got a 9!

    9. My sister and her husband ______ nearly three years ago.

    10. I'm studying English speaking because I ________ from my job last week. I need to improve my speaking skills.