Bài tập đuôi danh từ


    Welcome to your Bài tập đuôi danh từ

    Bài 1: Điền dạng đúng của các từ đã cho trong ngoặc

    1. Peter can’t make a (decide) to buy a car or a house. 
    2. Linda drives very (care) so she seldom causes accidents. 
    3. All Nam’s friends and his (relation) came to his birthday party.
    4. My sister studies about plants and animals. She is a (biology) 
    5. Hoa is (responsibility) for doing the chores.
    6. They are a close-knit family and very (support) of each other. 
    7. Although Loan and Phuong are twins, they are seldom in (agree).
    8. Lan felt more (confide) after talking to her mother. 

    Bài 2: Chuyển các động từ dưới đây thành danh từ:

    1. prefer
    2. widen
    3. communicate
    4. choose
    5. instruct
    6. disappoint
    7. satisfy
    8. prepare
    9. beautify
    10. preserve

    Bài 3: Chuyển các tính từ dưới đây thành danh từ:

    1. happy
    2. lazy
    3. sad
    4. responsible
    5. able
    6. different
    7. rich
    8. popular
    9. uncertain
    10. necessary

    Bài 4: Cho dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc

    1. The problem of (employ) among young people is hard to solve.
    2. The (interview) will judge you on your performance. 
    3. Hung is (social) and generous. 
    4. That is the (tradition) story I like best. 
    5. Linda often spends her free time doing volunteer work at a local (orphan).
    6. There wasn’t (electric) in my grandparents’ village before. 
    7. We had an (excite) trip to Vung Tau last summer. 
    8. It is very (noisy) here because it’s near a market. 
    9. They said they don’t like to live in Saudi Arabia because of the (hot). 
    10. The journey turned out to be a (disappoint).
    11. The receptionist said we need to make a (reserve) first.

    Bài 5: Chọn đáp án đúng nhất:

    1. Watching cartoon movies is my sister’s _________

    2. We all see his _____ to pass the exam.

    3. One of the best ways to practice English speaking skill is talking to the ____ speakers.

    4. The manager asked visitors to behave ______ here.

    5. He ______ that we should try Thai cuisines this time.

    6. He made a decision to participate in Maths ______ this time.

    7. There aren’t any reactions to the government ‘s ____ for the new project.

    8. There was a sharp ____ in the taxes last year.

    9. There was a very impressive _______ by the young player.

    10. My teacher has assisted me in the _____ of this article.