bài tập nghe theo trình độ C2

    Điền vào chỗ trống với một từ phù hợp (Fill in the blanks with one suitable word)

    Spencer’s dream house would be a(n) (1) beach house made of (2) . Besides having some big (3) , she also wants to have a (4) with many (5) and some desks for studying. She doesn’t want to paint her dream house because she likes the traditional style. The (6) in her dream house is for her future (7) . There would be a (8) counter top in the center and a few sinks. In addition, she wants to have a bar counter space as well. 

    Spencer wants to have a living room with a fireplace and some (9) furniture. She also wants a big (10) so her dogs and children could run around in. In her dream bathroom, she prefers a big Jacuzzi (11) .

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