Bài tập & ngữ pháp tiếng anh lớp 6 HK II

    1. I want to go to the beach _____ to the park.

    2. I like to eat pizza _____ I don't like to eat sushi.

    3. My brother wants to watch TV _____ I want to read a book.

    4. Do you want to go to the movies _____ stay home and watch TV?

    5. I like to drink tea _____ coffee in the morning.

    6. She wants to go to the party _____ she is feeling tired.

    7. He wants to buy a car _____ he doesn't have enough money.

    8. We can eat pizza _____ we can cook something at home.

    9. Do you want to go for a walk _____ go for a bike ride?

    10. I like to swim in the pool _____ in the ocean.