Bài tập & ngữ pháp tiếng anh lớp 6 HK II

    1. If you (study) hard, you will pass the exam.

    2. If she (not work) hard, she won't get a promotion.

    3. If he (go) to bed early, he will wake up refreshed.

    4. If they (not hurry), they will miss the train.

    5. If it (rain) tomorrow, we will stay inside.

    6. If you (not practice) every day, you won't improve your skills.

    7. If she (not arrive) on time, the meeting will start without her.

    8. If he (not eat) breakfast, he will be hungry later.

    9. If we (not leave) now, we will be late.

    10. If they (not study) more, they will fail the test.