Bài tập not only but also


    Bài tập not only but also

    1. She can only enjoy a delicious meal but also go fishing on the lake.

    2. Mai not only plays the piano well but dances beautifully.

    3. John has not only read the manga but seen the film made from it.

    4. Not only Jenny start playing the piano before she could speak, but his mother taught her to compose music at a very early age.

    5. Tom can not only make his mother laugh, also make her cry.

    6. We want to travel abroad only in summer but also in winter.

    7. Lisa eats not only broccoli also string beans.

    8. Not adults but also children are attracted by some exciting moments that extreme sports give them, including surprise, worry, fear, curiosity and fun.

    9. Not only are games costly, they are also a waste of time.

    10. Not only my best friend forget my birthday, but she also didn’t even apologize for forgetting it!