Bài tập quá khứ của go


    1. She usually (go) to the gym, but yesterday she (go) to the park instead.

    2. They (go) to the beach every summer when they were kids.

    3. He (go) to the store to buy some milk and bread.

    4. When I called, he (go) out to lunch.

    5. We (go) to the party, but it was too crowded so we left early.

    6. I (go) to the movies with my friends last night.

    7. By the time we arrived, they already (go) home.

    8. She (go) to Europe for her vacation last year.

    9. They (go) to the concert last weekend and had a great time.

    10. They (go) to the beach when the storm hit.

    11. He (go) to the doctor's office for a check-up.

    12. By the time we arrived, she (go) to the store and back.

    13. We (go) to the museum to see the new exhibit.

    14. I (go) to bed early last night because I was tired.

    15. After she (go) to bed, I found the book that she had been looking for.