Bài tập quá khứ của go

    1. I _____ to the movies last night.

    2. I have _____ to many different countries.

    3. I was _____ to the gym when I saw her.

    4. I _____ to the store before I went home.

    5. I _____ for two hours before I finally arrived.

    6. He _____ to school every day.

    7. She is always ____ on long walks in the countryside.

    8. I was _____ to the store when I realized I forgot my wallet.

    9. By the time I arrived, he _____ to bed.

    10. I _____ to the gym every day for a year before I injured my knee.

    11. They ____ to Paris for their honeymoon.

    12. When I walked in the door, she ____ out for a jog.

    13. I knew they ____ to the concert when I saw their pictures on Instagram.

    14. The dog ____ for a walk every morning with its owner.

    15. They ____ to the gym when they got a phone call from their friends.