Bài tập so sánh bằng trong tiếng anh

    Bài 1: Viết lại dạng so sánh bằng của các câu đã cho. Sử dụng từ trong ngoặc.

    Ví dụ:

    Lan is 16 years old. Phong is 16 years old. (be/old)

    -> Lan is…as old as…… Phong.

    1. Alex is 1 meter 65cms tall. John is 1 meter 65cms tall. (be/tall)

    Alex   John. 

    2. It is 38 degrees in Hanoi in summer. It’s 38 degrees in Saigon in summer (be/hot).

    Hanoi Saigon

    3. Marry is smart. But her brother is smarter. (be/ smart)

    Marry her brother.

    4. The red bike is not cheap. The blue bike is cheaper. (be/ cheap)

    The red bike the blue bike.

    5. The yellow house is 50 years old. The brown house is 50 years old. (is/ old)

    The yellow house the brown house.

    6. Dogs are friendly. Cats are not friendly. (be/ friendly)

    Cats dogs


    Bài 2: TRUE or FALSE? (True: điền T, False: điền F)

    1. Hoa and Tim are both 13 years old.

    -> Tim is the same age as Hoa.

    2. She speaks English very well, and so does her sister.

    -> She speaks English as good as her sister.

    3. Their tastes are different from mine.

    -> They like spaghetti, I like spaghetti too.

    4. They’ve lived here for a long time but we’ve lived here longer.

    -> They haven’t lived here as long as us.

    5. He is wearing a red cap, and she is wearing a black cap.

    -> His cap is the same as her cap.

    Bài 3: Hoàn thành các câu dưới đây, sử dụng từ trong ngoặc và cấu trúc: AS…AS (có thể có 2 đáp án)

    1. I am not / you. (tall)
    2. This book is not / that one. (interesting)
    3. Yesterday it was today.
    4. I think that my essay is yours. (good)
    5. Children nowadays are not / they used to be (active).
    6. My dog isn’t it appears to be (fierce).

    Bài 4:  Hoàn thành các câu dưới đây, sử dụng từ trong ngoặc và cấu trúc: THE SAME… AS

    1. My sister has   me. (height)
    2. Jim pursues   Jane. (hobby)
    3. My best friend is at   me. (age)
    4. My friends went to see   me. (movie)
    5. This musician plays   me. (musical instrument)
    6. Critics say that this painter has   with that one. (style)

    Bài 5: Tìm lỗi sai trong các câu sau và viết lại cho đúng.

    1. My boyfriend is as strong an athlete.

    2. This exercises isn’t hard as hard I thought.

    3. Life in foreign countries is different life in your home countries.

    4. My parents share the same hobby as.

    5. She drink as many orange juice as I do everyday.

    6. Anna does as many homework as other classmates.

    Bài 6: Sắp xếp các từ có sẵn thành câu hoàn chỉnh.

    1. difficult/ as/ Playing/ is/ piano/ guitar/ playing/ as
    2. horse/ runs/ a/ Can/ fast/ as/ a /as/ train?
    3. try/ as/ can/ you/ hard/ as/ should/ You
    4. as/ scores/ many points/ she/ does/ as/ No one/ in/ game/ the
    5. not/ yours/ from/ My/ class/ is/ different