Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 9

    Bài 1: Hoàn thành câu phức bằng cách điền các liên từ phù hợp

    1. She went to the store ___ she needed to buy some groceries.

    2. He is studying hard ___ he can pass the exam.

    3. They decided to go on a trip ___they finished their work.

    4. He finished his homework ___ he went to bed.

    5. ___ of studying hard, she achieved excellent grades in her exams.

    6. He wanted to buy a new car, ___ he couldn't afford it.

    7. ___ I was reading a book, my phone rang.

    8. He has been feeling tired ___ he started working night shifts.

    9. I would go to the party, ___ I'm feeling tired.

    10. ___ he was tired, he pushed himself to finish the marathon.

    Bài tập 2: Viết các câu sau thành câu phức, sử dụng các từ gợi ý

    1. Tom was tired. He stayed up late to finish the project. (so)

    2. She loves to travel. She doesn't have much vacation time. (but)

    3. It was raining outside. They played board games indoors. (While)

    4. I don't have a car. I rely on public transportation to get around. (Since)

    5. She had reservations. She agreed to give it a try. (Although)