Bài tập từ vựng tiếng anh lớp 7


    Welcome to your Bài tập từ vựng tiếng anh lớp 7

    Bài 1. Chọn đáp án phù hợp A, B hoặc C cho mỗi câu sau.

    1. All you need to build a _________ is some cardboard and glue.

    2. My sister likes _________ old books.

    3. Suneo and his brother are making a new _________ at the moment.

    4. Anh does _________ every early morning to keep fit.

    5. _________ is the activity of taking care of plants.

    6. _________ is a common skin condition that causes pimples and blemishes on the face.

    7. Getting enough sleep is good for our _________.

    8. Eating a lot of sugar and salt can lead to _________.

    9. Use _________ when you are doing a lot of reading.

    10. Apply _________ when going outside or you will get sunburn.

    11. Susan’s team often _________ and gives books to poor children.

    12. _________ service is a service that is performed for the benefit of a community, often by volunteers.

    13. They _________ every weekend. The neighbor now looks cleaner.

    14. Mr. Han often _________ food to a nursery school in the town.

    15. We went to an _________ and gave the children books and clothing last summer.

    Bài 2. Chọn đáp án phù hợp A, B hoặc C cho mỗi câu sau.

    1. Do you love _________? - Yes, it’s emotional and traditional.

    2. Their _________ last night was truly disappointing.

    3. Charlie Chaplin was a famous _________.

    4. Trinh Cong Son began to _________ songs and became well-known in 1958.

    5. I need 2 eggs to make _________ for tomorrow's breakfast.

    6. Bun bo Hue’s main _________ are rice vermicelli and slices of beef.

    7. Would you like to have _________ apple juice?

    8. _________ a type of dessert that is made with a pastry crust and filled with sweet or savory ingredients.

    9. The Vietnamese dish I love most is _________, which is rolled in rice paper and served with sweet and sour sauce.

    10. Can I have some _________ in my spaghetti? Just a little.

    11. When you visit my classroom, you can see modern _________.

    12. I studied at Nguyen Trai lower _________ school when I was in grades 6 to 9.

    13. Students all have to pass an _________ to attend this famous gifted school.

    14. Phan Boi Chau School is for _________ students in the province.

    15. You should join in _________ activities to keep active and healthy.

    Bài 3. Chọn đáp án phù hợp A, B hoặc C cho mỗi câu sau.

    1. Traffic accidents can happen if people don’t _________ the rules.

    2. The public _________ in this city is not expensive.

    3. The _________ from my house to school is about 3 kilometers.

    4. _________ is a big problem that many big cities in the world have to solve.

    5. You should look at both sides when crossing the road to be _________.

    6. The film received many positive _________.

    7. The ending was so _________ that she cried a lot at the end.

    8. I’m a fan of _________ films. I love films about ghosts, monsters, and crazy killers.

    9. Titanic is known as a _________ film.

    10. The film was so _________ that all the audiences fell asleep.

    11. We go to 30.4 Square to watch the fireworks _________ on New Year’s Eve.

    12. The dancers are performing a Vietnamese _________ dance.

    13. On _________, children paint and hunt for eggs.

    14. Who got the Best Actress Award at the _________ last year?

    15. What is the traditional _________ of Vietnam?

    Bài 4. Chọn đáp án phù hợp A, B hoặc C cho mỗi câu sau.

    1. Solar energy is _________ and abundant.

    2. We should use energy _________ from wind, water and sun to protect the environment.

    3. Most of our _________ comes from power stations using fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas.

    4. _________ energy comes from water.

    5. The workers are putting solar _________ on the roof of our house..

    6. While traveling in a _________ car, we can sleep.

    7. _________ from cars and factories cause pollution.

    8. A _________ is self-balancing so riders do not fall.

    9. Scientists have worked to develop _________, which are quite similar to traditional trains but faster and safer.

    10. My uncle’s company is now developing a new flying car that has autopilot _________.

    11. Is New Zealand an _________ country?

    12. _________ is the traditional skirt for men in Scotland.

    13. It’s great to practice English by talking with the _________ speakers.

    14. Vietnam _________ millions of visitors a year.

    15. _________ is a large country in North America.

    Bài 5. Chọn đáp án phù hợp A, B hoặc C cho mỗi câu sau.

    1. _________ stamps helps you be more patient.

    2. Skipping breakfast isn’t a _________ habit.

    3. Do you know who _________ the My heart will go on?

    4. The government is looking for _________ sources of energy to replace fossil fuels.

    5. In the future, cities will be more crowded and traffic _________ will get worse.