Bài tập về cấu trúc "Intend"


    Welcome to your Bài tập về cấu trúc "Intend"

    1. My brother / intend / travel abroad / next year
    2. He / intend / pass / ball / Ronaldo / the last match
    3. It / intend / he / be / the champion
    4. Hey! / I / not / think / this gift / intend / you
    5. After all / she / still / intend / that / insult / a joke

    Chia động từ “intend” phù hợp

    1. We to go to Australia next year.
    2. Somehow I offended him, which wasn't what I'd
    3. I don't think she me to hear the remark.
    4. The course is for intermediate-level students.
    5. It was as a compliment, honestly!

    Chia động từ sau “intend” phù hợp

    1. I fully intended (pay) for the damage.
    2. I intend (stay) London forever.
    3. We intend production will start next month.
    4. I think the letter-bomb was intended me.
    5.   It is intended classes will start next week.

    Chia động từ “intend” với thì phù hợp

    1. He for the movie to be shown at 7pm.
    2. We that the bus will not leave too soon.
    3. He that the series will be published next month.
    4. She for this shirt to be on trend this year.
    5. I that the store remains open.

    1. He classes/ that/ will/ week/ start/ next/ intends.
    2. They/ joke/ as/ intended/ it/ a.
    3. I/ London/ staying/ intend/ London forever.
    4. The/ he/ had/ train/ originally/ catch/ to/ intended/ had/ left/ already.
    5. She/ to/ intends/ at/ end/ of/ the/ retire next/ year.