Bài tập về cấu trúc need


    1. You may well need   (look) outside your preferred area to find affordable accommodation.

    2. First we (need) three lemmas which will be proved in the following section.

    3. Little may (need) to create such a group.

    4. Static typing is done as soon as   (need), but not before.

    5. I called her on the pretext of (need) more information.

    6. She needn't have (come) in person - a letter would have been enough

    7. This plant needs (water)twice a week.

    8. Nothing(need) be done about this till next week.

    9. It's a wonderful way of getting to see Italy, and it  (need not) cost very much.

    10. She wondered whether they (need) send a deposit.

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