bài tập về từ bắt đầu bằng chữ y – Điền từ/thành ngữ vào chỗ trống dưới đây sao cho nghĩa tương ứng với từ/thành ngữ đó


    You cannot achieve something important without causing a few small problems

    a thick white liquid food, made by adding bacteria to milk, served cold, often with fruit added. An amount of this is sold in a small pot

    very good to eat

    open your mouth wide and breathe in deeply through it, usually because you are tired or bored

    used to express surprise

    not brave; easily frightened

    an animal of the cow family, has long horns and long hair, and lives in Central Asia

    Japan’s unit of money

    a person who always agrees with people in authority to gain their approval

    once a year or every year