Bài tập Worry đi với giới từ gì

    Bài 1: Điền giới từ phù hợp vào chỗ trống

    1. She was nervous …. she had never given a speech in public before.

    2. Max was worried …. being robbed by the thieves.

    3. My mother is worried …. her driving license test result.

    4. Peter was anxious …. his dad’s health.

    5. He was quite apprehensive …. learning a new language.

    Bài 2: Chọn phương án chính xác nhất

    1. What she was worried …. most is her little boy‘s mental health.

    2. Since hearing that Peter won’t come, Linda looks rather ….

    3. He was standing in front of her house all afternoon with a …. look on his face.

    4. She had me …. back there. I thought she wouldn’t come to the meeting on time.

    5. Hoa was worried …. when she heard her daughter had been injured in a car accident.