Các môn học bằng tiếng Anh


    1. today / What / do / have / subjects / you?

    Bài 2: Nối các từ để tạo thành câu hoàn chỉnh

    1. He hasa. she usually listens to music.
    2. Linda’s keen onb. Chemistry yesterday.
    3. Nam hadc. learning Maths.
    4. When Linh has some spare time,d. a week speaking English.
    5. I spend 4 hourse. English today.
    1.             2.                 3.              4.           5.

    Bài 3: Chọn từ cho sẵn điền vào ô trống

    Physical education / homework / subjects / Maths / practice / 

    Quan: Hey Hoa. What (1) do we have this afternoon?

    Hoa: Good morning, Quan. We have Physical education, literature, and maths.

    Quan: Great! (2) is my favorite subject. I like to run, play volleyball and tennis. They help us improve our health.

    Hoa: I also think so. However, I have a problem with volleyball. I couldn’t guess the direction of the ball. Do you have any methods to (3) this game?

    Quan: I think it’s pretty simple. I practiced it for a long time and played it well. I can guide you.

    Hoa: Thank you very much. 

    Quan: What about (4)? Have you done your (5) yet?

    Hoa: I did.