Cách đặt câu hỏi với từ “What”

    Đặt câu hỏi cho phần gạch chân sử dụng từ để hỏi “What”

    1. The car is in the parking lot.

    2. The book was on the bookshelf.

    3. Jenny has lost her airpods.

    4. Lily made the candle.

    5. A seed grow into a tree.

    6.  The caterpillar became a butterfly.

    7. The children watched the movie.

    8. James likes ice-cream.

    9. Annie bought a dress this morning.

    10. Something odd happened during the storm last night.

    Chọn câu hỏi đúng cho các câu sau.

    1. She is looking for a car .

    2. She apologised for being late.

    3. Something terrible happened last night.

    4. The movie is based on a novel.

    5. She dreamt about beautiful princesses.

    6. I always listen to music in the afternoon.

    7. Luke asked his mom for a new bag.

    8. I’m happy about the good marks.

    9. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

    10. Mark was looking at the new car.

    Sắp xếp các từ đã cho để tạo thành một câu hỏi đúng.

    1. yesterday/ What/ happened/ ?

    2. sunflowers/ know/ What/ you/ do/ about/ ?

    3. they/ last/ broadcast/ on/ did/ TV/ night/ What/ ?

    4. What/ Annie/ studying/ now/ is/ ?

    5. What/ cancer/ causes/ ?

    6. helps/ What/ good/ produce/ crops/ ?

    7. What/ layer/ the/ damaged/ ozone/ ?

    8. What/ be/ can/ from/ inferred/ passage/ the?

    9. yesterday/ What/ day/ was/ ?

    10. grade/ Jane/ in/ What/ is/ ?