Cách dùng There is và There are trong tiếng Anh


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    Hoàn thành câu bằng cách điền vào chỗ trống "There is", "There are", "There isn’t", "There aren’t", "Isn’t there", "Are there" cho thích hợp

    1. 22 boys and 30 girls in my graduating class.

    2. an unusual number of bees this summer.

    3. any pencils in my pencil cup. Please go to the supply room and get me a new pack.

    4. I looked high and low, but any keys on the desk.

    5. even one pack left? I thought I had ordered some.

    6. Luckily, one vacancy left at the Sleepy Hollow Motel.

    7. Are you sure any milk left in the fridge?

    8. nothing as good as Mom’s cooking.

    9. a black bear in the back yard when I got up this morning.

    10. no use crying over spilled milk.

    11. a lot of furniture in the room.

    12. a pack of tissue papers, a mini mirror, and some pens.

    13. some art books on the shelf?

    14. many Aquafina bottles in my apartment.

    15. water in the tank.

    Chọn đáp án đúng cho chỗ trống.

    1. ........... two English girls in my school.

    2. ............ a good film tonight?

    3. .......... a hall in my house.

    4. .......... a lot of chairs in the classroom.

    5. .......... blue curtains in your room?

    6. ......... a lot of people in the cinema.

    1. TV/ big/ a/ There’s

    2. DVD player/ is/ new/ a/ There/.

    3. ten/ are/ desks/ small/ there/.

    4. green fields/ are/ There/.

    5. are/ two/ pizzas/ There/ big/.

    6. ways/ are/ to/ There/ the/ many/ heading/ airport/.

    7. there/ difficult/ any/ this/ Are/ semester/ in/ subjects/ ?

    8. oranges/ are/ the/ an/ There/ 5/ refrigerator/ and an avocado/.

    9. are/ in/ local/ this/ how/ brands/ There/ city/ many/ ?

    10. There/ can/ to/ you/ is/ help/ anything/ do/ ?

    Tìm lỗi sai và sửa

    1. There isn’t some water in the glass.

    2. There aren’t some pencils in the bag.

    3. There are a ring, two desks, and a notebook on the table.

    4. There are a letter on his desk. His father brought it from the post office.

    5. There aren’t any money in her wallet.

    Điền a, an, some, hoặc any vào chỗ trống sao cho phù hợp.

    1. There is famous restaurant next to the post office.

    2. Is there the hospital near here?

    3. There are students in the class.

    4. There is organization called BE.

    5. Are there tourists in that resort?

    6. There are bears near the monkey.

    7. There is elephant with tiger in the zoo.

    8. There are people in the yard near my house.

    9. There is no longer justification for private schools in France.

    10. There aren’t candies in the package.