câu giả định


    Welcome to your câu giả định

    1. She should arrive on time. (essential)

    2. They should deal with these problems as soon as possible. (necessary)

    3. He wanted her to accompany him. (he/ insist)

    4. We must solve problems immediately. (vital)

    5. You should tell her immediately. (imperative)

    6. John wanted to make your facts public. (demand)

    7. They said she shouldn’t be late for school. (recommend)

    8. They said that she should be allowed to enter the building. (insist)

    9. We should have our food now. (best)

    10. Parents should help their kids to do their homework. (necessary)

    11. He needs to receive the document before 4 pm. (importance)

    12. John should tell me about his difficulties. (would rather that)