Bài tập cấu trúc as soon as – chia động từ


    1. I may have a gift as soon as they home. (get)

    2. She called her mom as soon as she in Ho Chi Minh city. (arrive)

    3. She went away as soon as she a call from her mom. (receive)

    4. He will tell you as soon as he home (get)

    5. He will buy lipstick for his girlfriend as soon as he the salary (get)

    6. My mother will angry with me as soon as she my test score (see)

    7. As soon as she knew the truth, you no longer her friend anymore. (be)

    8. She off the air-conditioner as soon as she out of the room. (turn/get)

    9. My teacher says she me the document as soon as she the internet connection. (send/have)

    10. As soon as you John, remember to tell him I am waiting here. (meet)