Bài tập cấu trúc No sooner than

    1. She finished one project, she started working on the next.

    2. The conductor opened the door. The narrator entered the bus.

    3. We entered a tea shop and sat facing each other. Father appeared tired.

    4. Father wanted to say something. The bus started moving.

    5. A neighbour came to the house wife to a kumkum ceremony. The Housewife asked her neighbour if she would at least remember her name.

    6. Kalam collected tamarind seeds. He sold them to a supply shop on Mosque Street.

    7. India forced to join the Allied Forces. A state of emergency was declared.

    8. I was asked to go and sit on the back bench. I felt very sad.

    9. The new teacher asked me to go and sit on the back bench. Ramanadha Sastry also felt very sad.

    10. We went home after school. We told our parents about the incident.

    11. They demanded wages soon after they completed the work.

    12. I started feeling sick immediately after I ate the fish.

    13. I received her call. I left for her place.

    14. She finished one project. She started the next.

    15. I ate the fish. I started feeling sick.