Bài tập cấu trúc so as to 1

    1. My Mom opened the window. She wants to let fresh air in the room. ( so as to)

    2. John has recently studied English very hard. He wants to pass the test in the next examination. (so as to)

    3. I took my digital camera because I wanted to take photos on my first trip. (so that)

    4. We are going to the canteen. We will have breakfast there. (so as to)

    5. They all put on their coats because they were feeling cold. (so that)

    6. John will attend an English writing course next month. He wants to improve his English writing skills. (so as to)

    7. She got up early every morning. She didn't want to miss the bus. (so as not)

    8. My younger brother hides his toys. My mother can't find them. (so that)

    9. My sister is on a diet. She wants to improve her weight. (so as to)

    10. They lower the noise. They don't want to bother neighbors. (so as not )