Chọn đáp án đúng cho những câu sau đây:


    Chọn đáp án đúng cho những câu sau đây:

    1. John –  the idea of dividing the rooms in half.

    2. A position has – in the accounts department.

    3. The TV rights contract – renegotiation.

    4. We’ll think about a present for her and see what we can – .

    5. I’ve never – anything I can’t handle.

    6. He – a lot of ideas but none of them are useful.

    7. I cannot – any title for my text.

    8. He wanted more time to study the bill before it – discussion on the Senate floor.

    9. We know that –  a name for your business isn’t an easy task.

    10. Don’t worry. We can – 50,000 dollars so that you can study abroad.

    11.  Her birthday is – soon.

    12.  His parents put on him many expectations but he may fail to – . 

    13.  The leader still can’t – a solution to make others feel connected.

    14.  These 3 clubs could come under close scrutiny when their licence – renewal. 

    15.  He’s started out in the mailroom and – the ranks to become president of the company.

    16.  I will do something to – the money for my little brother’s trip.

    17.  Is that the best you can –  ?

    18.  His performance didn’t really – his usual high standard.

    19. As long as I – , my boss is very happy.

    20. Have you – any new ideas recently?

    21.  If you – difficulties, we’ll help out.

    22.  Our contract is – for renewal.

    23.  How did you – the idea of using a river in this way?

    24.  We’re having a meeting to try to – ideas for fund-raising.

    25.  The movie didn’t – our expectations.

     26. We expect to – a lot of opposition to the scheme.

     27. Several of the members have – suggestions of their own.

    28. We’ll let you know if any job opening – .

    29.  This matter will – discussion at next month’s meeting.

    30.  Einstein – the theory of relativity on a cycle ride.

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