1. It is ________ apple.

    2. ________ do you spell your full name?

    3. This is an ________.

    4. ___________ is that? – It is a book.

    5. How old is your sister? - ________ is five.

    6. Mr. and Mrs. Hoang ______ teachers.

    7. These’re my classmates. ________ ‘re eleven years old.

    8. Fifteen plus six equals _____________.

    9. _________ your sister twelve years old?

    10. Where do Anna and her family _________?

    11. Where is Janice from? She's from _________

    12. What’s her nationality? She’s _________

    13. Is this puppet from Vietnam? No, it is not. It’s from _________

    14. Where do you live? I live _________ 125 Nguy Nhu KonTum Street

    15. What’s her house like? It’s _________.

    16. What _________ did you give Henry?

    17. Tom _________ classes at 9:00 a.m

    18. What will you be in the future? I’ll be ______ teacher

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