1. A. road B. flat C. villa D. cottage

    2. A. lane B. villa C. road D. street

    3. A. quiet B. smaller C. crowed D. pretty

    4. A. always B. rarely C. early D. often

    5. A. fishing B. morning C. swimming D. surfing

    6. A. morning B. evening C. running D. afternoon

    7. A. dance B. activity C. watch movie D. have nice food

    8. A. go B. came C. watch D. have

    9. A. did B. had C. played D. went

    10. A. surfed B. prepared C. played D. got

    11. A. morning B. day C. afternoon D. evening

    12. A. New York B. Bangkok C. Vietnam D. Tokyo

    13. A. modern B. crowded C. building D. peaceful

    14. A. python B. snack C. peacock D. panda

    15. A. gentle B. cruel C. hard-working D. character

    16. A. physics B. chemistry C. geography D. essay

    17. A. listening B. pronunciation C. reading D. writing

    18. A. roar B. swing C. move D. funny

    19. A. quietly B. loudly C. funny D. quickly

    20. A. Cinderella B. fairy tales C. Aladdin D. Doraemon

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