Đề thi tiếng Anh lớp 9


    1. The chef prepared a delicious meal for the guests.
    -> A delicious meal .

    2. He couldn't attend the party due to his work commitments.
    -> Due to his work commitments, he was unable .

    3. Sarah has recently adopted a stray dog. The dog is very playful and friendly.
    -> Sarah has recently adopted a stray dog, very playful and friendly.

    4. "Let's go for a hike this weekend," Alex suggested.
    -> Alex suggested .

    5. My sister loves playing the piano in her free time.
    -> In her free time, my sister enjoys .

    6. The teacher gave extra assignments to the students for practice.
    -> Extra assignments .

    7. Tom is planning a surprise party for his best friend's birthday.
    -> A surprise party .

    8. "Why don't we try a different approach?" John proposed.
    -> John proposed .

    9. The children were excited about going to the amusement park.
    -> Going to the amusement park, the children .

    10. The team won the championship after months of hard work and training.
    -> After months of hard work and training, the team emerged .