Bài tập giới từ trong tiếng anh 1

    Điền giới từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống

    A) Fill in prepositions of time “AT / IN / ON” as in the example:

    Ví dụ: …... Sunday .………… 10 o’clock .………… spring
    Đáp án điền như sau: On/At/In

    1. 1999 September 28th Monday morning
    2. My brother usually goes to school 8 a.m Friday morning.
    3. March 25th 1991 Easter
    4. I always do my homework the evening.
    5. August 29th 10 o’clock
    6. I usually get up seven o’clock.
    7. My friends will pick me Monday the airport.
    8. Sometimes it snows spring.
    9. My friend’s birthday is June.
    10. Sophia’s birthday is May 16th.

    B) Fill in the blanks using the correct prepositions
    1. _____ time _____ time I will examine you on the work you have done.
    A. From/to          B. At/to                     C. In/to                      D. With/to
    Đáp án:

    2. This village is inhabited _____ tens of thieves.
    A. with                B. to                         C. by                           D. for
    Đáp án:

    3. God has bestowed _____ me many graces.
    A. on                   B. for                           C. to                         D. with
    Đáp án:

    4. Make a comment _____ this sentence!
    A. to                 B. in                         C. on                           D. about
    Đáp án:

    5. He’s a very wealthy man; a few hundred pounds is nothing _____ him.
    A. for                   B. with                                C. to                 D. about
    Đáp án:

    6. She does not show much affection _____ him.
    A. with                B. in                         C. for                           D. to
    Đáp án:

    7. The clerk _____ that counter said those purses were _____ sale.
    A. in/ for              B. at/ on                       C. at/ in                        D. on/ on
    Đáp án:

    8. Someone broke into the shop and made _____ with several TVs and videos.
    A. of                    B. up                           C. out                          D. off  
    Đáp án:

    9. Old people like to descant _____ past memories.
    A. in                 B. with                        C. on                           D. for
    Đáp án:

    10. You should comply _____ the school rules.
    A. to                 B. about                       C. with                        D. in
    Đáp án: