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    Điền giới từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống

    1. The price of electricity is going up August.

    2. They came to visit us Tom's birthday.

    3. Did you have a good time Christmas?

    4. The children are really excited their summer vacation.

    5. We were very disappointed the organization of the music festival.

    6. John missed a lot of lessons. He was ill January to March.

    7. Helen had said goodbye to everybody in the class she left for her hometown.

    8. My cat is very fond milk.

    9. I waited 10 o’clock and then went home.

    10. I can’t remember exactly when the accident happened. I think it was nine and half-past ten.

    11. Have you acquainted  the lady?

    12. the children left, and the house was very quiet.

    13. These photographs were taken a friend of him.

    14. The river Rhine flows the North sea.

    15. I will meet you the corner of the street.

    16. I always come to school foot.

    17. He had learned the whole song  heart.

    18. He has waited her for a long time.

    19. He’s not very keen watching volleyball, but his wife is.

    20. Are you worried the final exams?