increase đi với giới từ gì


    Welcome to your increase đi với giới từ gì

    Điền giới từ đúng vào chỗ trống

    1. The number of students in my class is the increase.
    2. There has been an increase 5% since the beginning of this year.
    3. There has been little increase the people exposed to COVID since 2022.
    4. The price of our petrol is increasing leaps and bounds.
    5. There is an increase 5 students in my class.
    6. The number of bike users increased 10 million in 2022.
    7. Company profit has increased £10,000 between January and March.
    8. The temperature has been increasing account of high pressure in the atmosphere. 
    9. The company reported a 9.5% increase owing a substantial in policy.
    10. Last month the reward was increased £20,000 to £40,000.