IOE Quốc Gia Lớp 5 – Mini Test


    IOE Quốc Gia Lớp 5 - Mini Test

    7. Where are they?

    8. What does the living room have?

    9. The girl would like some ________.

    10. Which of the following is NOT true?

    1. I w_ _ _ call you back in a moment.

    Exercise 3. Choose the correct answer

    1. Which part is INCORRECT?
    Amy only have three lessons today: math, music and PE.

    2. Jakarta is the capital of ________.

    3. Would you like to go on a picnic with us this weekend? - _______.

    4. Miss Hien _________ attend a meeting tomorrow.

    5. Choose the word that has the letters "th" pronounced differently.

    6. Choose the odd one out:

    7. You hang it on the wall to see days, weeks and months of a year. It's a _______.

    8. What's wrong? - _______.

    9. Which sentence is CORRECT?

    10. Which word has the different stress pattern?

    1. just come/ mountains./ back from/ a holiday/ They’ve/ in the