Reading passage 5 (Đọc đoạn 5)

    Questions 1-7: Complete the summary below using the list of words, (A-K) from the box below.

    Câu hỏi 1-7: Hoàn thành phần tóm tắt dưới đây bằng cách sử dụng danh sách các từ, (A-K) bên dưới.

    A spread

    B greater role

    C obstacles

    D consequences

    E lesser role

    F management

    G goals

    H creative minds

    I results

    J value

    K rivals

    Young people everywhere are having to overcome new (1) as they look for work. The ubiquity of knowledge means that companies and young workers need something else to stay ahead of their (2) . Workers, no matter where they are from, can plug into systems. This has huge (3) . With the end of knowledge-based industries, Daniel Pink has forecast that success in the future will depend on (4) , not analytical. The power professions like banking, management, etc. will, it is argued, take on a (5) as more jobs are carried out by computers. Young people who use the right side of their brain as well as their left are about to assume a (6) , so more work-based training involving the (7) of uncertainty is in order.