Bài tập thì tương lai hoàn thành 2


    1. You will get the photos on Friday.
    I the photos by the end of the week. (take)

    2. Call her later. She will know the information.
    When you call her, she the information. (find out)

    3. I will be here next week, but Jane is going to leave today.
    I will still be here next week, but Jane . (leave)

    4. Daniel will have nothing to do in an hour.
    Daniel his work in an hour. (finish)

    5. In winter there will be three new houses in this field.
    By next spring they three new houses in this field. (build)

    6. When you come to the station, the bus will be already there.
    The bus at the station before you come there. (arrive)

    7. I will have 45 lessons in this course.
    I 45 lessons when this course ends. (attend)

    8. We will have no food tomorrow.
    We all food by tomorrow. (eat)

    9. They will be at the end of the journey when they reach London.
    They all parts of the journey in London. (do)

    10. If you don't hurry, you won't meet Lisa at the party.
    Hurry up or Lisa home by the time you get to the party. (leave)