Bài tập thì tương lai hoàn thành 1


    1. ​What time you the room?
    By 8 pm, I hope.

    2. When Daniel the book?
    He'll give it back to you in three weeks' time, he promised.

    3. How many exercises you when you finish this one?
    This is my second exercise.

    4. When Jane the portrait?
    Before tomorrow, I would say.

    5. you the oil before I collect my car?
    Yes, I will. I will have done it by two o'clock.

    6. the event if we come in three hours?
    I'm afraid it will start in two hours.

    7. John his CV by the time he goes to the interview?
    He's already done it.

    8. When you all the articles?
    Before tomorrow.

    9. you the top of the hill before the sun sets?
    It's just 2 hours walk.

    10. my hair in eight years' time?
    Who knows? ​