Whenever là gì?


    1. I will buy this pink dress or that basic shirt, is better.

    2. Could I speak to is in charge of managing this store, please?

    3. Choose of those you are favorite with, but think about it carefully.

    4. rich she may be, it still isn’t enough for her.

    5. Anna loves riding her bike the weather is good.

    6. Jenny likes taking pictures she sees an interesting thing.

    7. I’ll make it to dinner, the day goes.

    8. You can answer the teacher's question .

    9. My sister goes to the Jollibee she feels like eating fast food and fried chicken.

    10. My sister always says comes into her mind.

    11. Give the ticket to comes first.

    12. much John eats, he never puts on weight.

    13. From fried potatoes to grits and shrimp, local ingredients are used .

    14. you do, remember to pay attention to your health.

    15. Would you like hot chocolate or a beer or ?

    16. she finishes her homework, she always plays piano.